1290 tons EO Reactor Arrived At The Site of FEUP Project, Yizheng

release :2014-11-20

1290 tons EO Reactor  Arrived At The Site of FEUP Project, Yizheng

The waving flags and exploding fireworks in the site of Far Eastern Union Petrochemical Project, Yizheng have seen the EO reactor, which is the largest and the heaviest EO reactor in China at present, designed up to 1,290 tons in weight, successfully finished the on-site hoisting operation. It symbolizes that Sinotrans Eastern Company Project Logistics Branch, Nanjin Tanker Corporation Zijinshan Shipyard as well as Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Logistics together have successfully accomplished the transportation task of this massive EO reactor.

In order to ensure safe and smooth delivery, Project Logistics Branch started to do field investigation on, re-design, supervise and reconstruct roadblocks (pool & dock in the yard, 2.8 Km road, 3 bridges, 2 pipe racks, 6 parts of high-voltage wires, cables, dwelling houses & farm field along the transportation route in Yizheng) shortly after the bid. This debugging work lasted for 6 months. On the evening of Nov 10th, EO reactor was successfully unloaded at Zijinshan Shipyard after 3.5 Km transportation and delivered to jobsite at midnight on Nov 15th.

Under the guidance of leadership, all the team members made every effort, faced with all kinds of difficulties to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Finally, the mission was successfully completed with all members’ focus on safety, detail, quality control and cost control. The owner speak highly of our coordinating, supervising and directing performance, which definitely will be conductive to future cooperation and project marketing.