Review meeting of INA Complex Maoming Project was successfully held in Maoming

release :2015-03-16

Review meeting of INA Complex Maoming Project was successfully held in Maoming

Upon one year operation by project team of Sinotrans Eastern Company Limited Project Logistics Branch, freight forwarding service of imported equipment for Maoming Project is scheduled to be finalized at the beginning of May, 2015. To well cooperate with project owner to get a successful ending of the project, proposed by Sinotrans, project owner, Fluor, Sinotrans Guangdong and our project team were gathered together at Maoming on Mar 11th, 2015 to attend review meeting of freight forwarding service for Maoming Project.

Mr. Li Chengwei, Project Director of MPCC BASF Project offered high evaluation of our service. Mr. Li also expressed a strong desire of further and constant cooperation with Sinotrans in other BASF projects by using the same method of logistics management as Maoming Project.

General Manager of Project Logistics Branch, Mr. Gu Yu expressed that with the ties of MPCC BASF Project, Sinotrans Eastern Company and Sinotrans Guangdong stretched resources as much as possible, complemented by advantages of either company, fully cooperated with each other and successfully completed transport of all core equipment of the project, which represented that freight forwarding service of the project was close to be finalized. At this stage, Mr. Gu expressed sincere thanks to project owner and Fluor for their strong support during daily operation, moreover, Mr. Gu conveyed our intention of constant and in-depth cooperation with all involved parties, by which provided fully support and continuous protection for either Sinopec Maoming or BASF in all kinds of projects.

During the meeting, Aaron Xu, Project Manager of Maoming Project from Project Logistics Branch made special reports to all attendees for logistics operation of imported cargo and method of logistics management under the project.

Mr. Gao Xuefeng, Procurement Manager from BASF, Mr. Deng Feng, Procurement Manager from Sinopec Maoming, Eric Ding, Marketing Director of Project Logistics Branch, Mr. Chen Wuchang, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Center from Sinotrans Guangdong Co., Ltd Integrated Logistics, Mr. Li Bo, Deputy General Manager of Sinotrans Guangdong Zhanjiang Company and Mr. Zhou Yayong, Marketing Director of Sinotrans Guangdong Zhanjiang Company with other related persons attended the meeting.