Project Logistics Branch attended Sinotrans Global Network Conference

release :2015-03-17

Project Logistics Branch attended Sinotrans Global Network Conference

Led by Ms. Nicole Ge (Assistant General Manager) and composed of Ms. Cathy Liu (Manager of Overseas Agent Department) and Mr. Vincent Fan ( Deputy Manager of Resources & Mining Department), the Project Logistic Branch attended the Sinotrans Global Network Conference which was hold in Beijing during 11th to 13th Mar. 2015.

The conference, organized by Sinotrans Ltd, was aimed to enhance the communication between member companies and Sinotrans’ oversea agents all over the world. It helped to further acquire the market status in key overseas areas and get to know the features and advantages, operation levels of the agents within the areas, thus expanding cooperation scope and promoting end to end overseas logistics .Meanwhile, the conference also provided a platform for member second or third tiers cargo forwarding companies to present their service scopes and features, so as to understand each other better and create chance for cooperation.

In the conference, on behalf of Project Logistic Branch, Mrs. Nicole Ge gave an introduction about the Sino Iron Project to other attendees and presented Sinotrans (Australia) Pty Ltd. to other member companies, hoping that business relations can be established.

After that, one to one meetings were hold and our company conducted in-depth communication with the Sinotrans representatives and local agents in Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Central & North America and Caribbean region, the USA, Europe, Africa and other regions. Possibilities of business cooperation was discussed during the meeting.

The conference has strengthened the ties between member companies within Sinotrans and established channel of communication with local agents in target regions, thus laying a solid foundation for Project Logistic Branch to enter overseas project logistics market.