Project Logistics attended Break Bulk China 2015

release :2015-03-24

Project Logistics attended Break Bulk China 2015

During Mar 17th-20th 2015, Shanghai International Break Bulk Exhibition was held in Shanghai Expo Park, attracting hundreds of globally leading companies in project cargo, heavy-lift, ports and professional project logistics.

Project Logistics Branch seized the great chance to be a part of the exhibition and wisely utilized the platform to present the company’s strong merits, in a way to collaborate with international professional project logistics providers.

Project Logistics Branch sent out a delegation to the exhibition and positively interacted with main exhibitors by visiting prominent enterprises from all project logistics chain and each partners with long-term cooperation. In turn, world-famous project logistics companies (e.g. Spliethoff Transport B.V., TransOceanic Projects & Development, Hansa Heavy Lift, Martin Bencher Group, Toll Global Forwarding Division and etc.) visited Project Logistics Branch, reviewing current cooperation, sharing industry dynamics and reaching agreement on further cooperation and complementation.

After the exhibition, Project Management Committee convened a meeting to summarize each attendee’s thoughts about the exhibition. Following each exhibition visitor’s speech, G.M. Gu Yu gave his remarks that employees, especially the young, had broaden their views and gained more knowledge through this exhibition and deepened the relations with the leading companies within the logistic field. Gu also said that in terms of operations, establishing ties with more professional suppliers can provide more options for smoothly operating our existing business and give us a better estimation of future profits. In terms of marketing for target projects, such ties can better reflect our company’s strength and manage the logistics processes. The ties can help us enter better regional markets as well.

Gu stressed that after this meeting, we unified our thoughts and reached to a consensus. We should establish and maintain the relations with companies according to both the orientation of each department or functionality inside Project Logistics Branch and the management of suppliers or partners and such work should be carried out consistently.