Project Logistics Branch won the bid of Evergreen YAMAL Project

release :2015-06-11

Project Logistics Branch won the bid of Evergreen YAMAL Project

Sinotrans Eastern company project logistics branch recently won the bid of Evergreen YAMAL FWP4 Project. The first batch of steel structure and pipes has been successfully dispatched.

Evergreen YAMAL FWP4, engineering contracting project of low pressure LNG project of YAMAL Group, expected annual output of 5.5 million tons, is undertaken by Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SOE). The project started procurement since 2014 and is scheduled to put into production in 2017. Under the contract, service scope for Project Logistics branch covers inland transport and waterway transport of cargoes from the port of SOE to Changshu Changjiang International Port, and completes cargo delivery under hook of sea craft.

Evergreen YAMAL, as a mega ocean engineering project, is highly demanding for equipment packaging, on-site HSE, transportation scheduling, logistics solution etc. Our seasoned project team delivered a tailor-made overall multimodal plan (truck & sea), which have successfully shortened general delivery time and have maximized vessel capacity utilization. Plus, we keep on optimizing on-site operation process to ensure safe, punctual and efficient delivery.

Evergreen YAMAL as the first participation for our project logistics branch in ocean engineering project logistics service, would surely broaden the road towards ocean engineering project logistics service in the coming years.