Petrochemical industry, as our long-standing core business, is in frequent need of equipment and raw material import in new plant construction and business extension. Based on our rich experiences in heavy-lift transportation and equipment delivery planning, we are committed to provide supply chain services covering from equipment procurement to on-site delivery, which includes but not limited to progress monitoring, problem shooting, and risk aversion.

As a leading logistics service provider, we have successively performed on massive projects since 2001, namely,

  • BASF-YPC-IPS project
  • Shanghai SECCO Ethylene Project
  • Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Project and its follow-up
  • Oriental Petrochemical Shanghai Fengxian 450,000 tons PTA project
  • Fujian 13 million tons refinery and 800,000 tons ethylene project
  • Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, Bayer MDI, TDI, BISS projects